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Lyon Battery Storage Market Services Tender

Lyon's Projects

The Lyon Group is a global leader in battery energy storage system innovation and development, for systems that are integrated with grid connected renewable projects, connected to isolated networks or independently connected to the network.

Lyon Battery Storage Market Services Tender

On 20 June 2017, the Lyon Group commenced a tender process under which parties involved in the energy market can express an interest in purchasing any or all of the market services provided by a portfolio of the Lyon Group’s battery storage projects. The Lyon Battery Storage Market Services Tender is believed to be the first of its kind across the world.

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The project portfolio within the scope of the Lyon Battery Storage Market Services Tender includes the following solar storage projects:

Cape York

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South Australia

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These projects total 635MW of solar PV and 200MW/ 640MWh* of storage.

* Depending on configuration, which will be influenced by the outcomes of Lyon’s Battery Storage Market Services Tender.

Lyon's other announced solar storage projects

South Australia

Kingfisher Solar Storage was announced in 2016.

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The Lyon Group developed and sold the Lakeland Solar Storage project.

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Our project pipeline

The Lyon Group has a significant Australian project pipeline comprising 1,700MW of large-scale solar PV and 1,000MW of large-scale battery storage.

* Map represents projects that will be at Notice to proceed stage by 2020
* Lakeland was developed and sold by Lyon Group

In the coming months, Lyon will bring a range of innovations to the electricity market, including the potential to acquire access to:

  • the offtake of the solar PV generation of the Cape York, Riverland and Nowingi Solar Storage projects
  • a further tranche of Lyon’s battery storage projects (and associated grid connected integrated large-scale solar PV)
  • further risk management and market-based products and services under development by Lyon

What is battery storage?

Large-scale battery storage stores electricity from co-located generation or from the grid, and then discharges electricity into the system when consumers need it or when the grid needs instant energy to maintain systems stability.

A grid with a large volume of variable renewable energy from wind and solar needs stable large-scale storage so electricity can be stored during times when generation exceeds consumption, and returned to the grid when production falls below consumption.

Large-scale battery storage provides efficient and cost-effective coverage of peak load and grid stabilisation.

The cost of large-scale battery storage is reducing rapidly, making it a key component of keeping electricity reliable and affordable as we shift to clean energy sources.

Why Lyon Battery Storage?

Lyon Group is an Australian-based independent partnership established in 2003 and the only company of its kind in Australia. Our team has 90 years’ combined experience in developing and managing assets and providing strategic advice in the energy, water, ports, transport and communications sectors.

In 2016, we developed Lakeland Solar Storage, then the largest and most advanced grid connected utility-scale combined solar PV and battery storage project in the world. We’re now leading the roll-out of Australia’s biggest pipeline of large-scale solar and battery storage projects, which will play a central role in Australia’s energy transition.

Our projects take advantage of the wide range of functions and services that battery storage offers - in its own right and when integrated with renewable generation. We use first tier suppliers and advisers, and identify opportunities for local engagement and employment during project construction and operation.

Lyon projects are designed to best meet the needs of electricity users, the market and the energy system.

World-leading technology

For our battery storage projects, we are currently intending to use Advancion® Li-ion technology from the leading global utility-scale battery storage company AES Energy Storage.

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